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Test Drive Account

Test drive accounts allow users to enter information and view/print output for each portal of the RNR Simulation Tool. This account option does not allow the user to save individual, program, or jurisdiction information. Jurisdiction gap analysis is disabled for test accounts because program information and jurisdiction information is not linked for these users. No username or password is required for a test drive account and there is no fee. This account type is encouraged for users who wish to try out the RNR Simulation Tool portals without saving any data. Test drive users can enter "mock" programs or individual profiles and explore the types of outputs that the portals generate. Users are encouraged to test drive the tools before signing up for a basic or administrative account.


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Basic Account

A basic account allows users to enter, save, and edit information for all three portals of the RNR Simulation Tool. Users must register with a username and password for a basic account. Basic account holders can access their saved individual, program, and jurisdiction capacity information for up to 30 days with no charge. Before the free 30 day trial period is up, basic account holders will be contacted via email to discuss options for long term use of the tool and storage of data. This account option is most common. It is appropriate for all users who do not need to manage other accounts within their jurisdiction or agency.


Note: Basic account holders who wish to save and access their information for longer than 30 days will be charged a fee contingent upon the number of individuals and programs entered and the length of time they wish to store the information.


Note: Basic accounts can be stand-alone or associated with an administrative account. Those that are associated with an administrative account will not have access to edit jurisdiction capacity information.


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Administrative Account

Administrative accounts allow users to enter, save, and edit information for all three portals of the RNR Simulation Tool. Administrative account holders can invite other individuals from their jurisdiction/agency to create specialized basic user accounts that are nested within their own account. Administrative account holders can view saved individual, program, and jurisdiction capacity information for their account and all associated basic accounts. There is a fee for administrative accounts and users must register for a username and password. This account type is designed for users who require the option to view and manage basic user accounts. There are typically only one or two administrative accounts for each jurisdiction/agency. Administrative account holders serve as primary points of contact for account management and technical support within their jurisdiction/agency.


Note: Administrative accounts can manage basic user accounts within the same jurisdiction. Linking accounts in this way allows an administrative account holder to share individual, program, and jurisdiction capacity data with multiple users from the same jurisdiction. The cost for an administrative account depends on the number of basic accounts the administrative account will host, the number of individuals and programs the users will enter, and how long the users would like the information to be stored on the RNR Simulation Tool server.


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