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Assess Jurisdiction's Capacity
Information for this portal of the tool is commonly found in annual reports, department censuses, and/or grant applications. If you do not know the answers to any of the following questions, the RNR Simulation Tool will default to nationally representative averages. Many jurisdictions do not routinely collect this information at a system level. If you are unsure about the answers to any of these questions, please check the "Do not know" box. If you have any questions about this feature of the tool, please contact the ACE! team at
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Recidivism can be measured in a number of different ways (e.g., rearrests, reconvictions, or returns to incarceration). Below, please specify how you typically measure/report recidivism in your jurisdiction.
1. How does your jurisdiction typically define recidivism?
Choose all that apply

Primary Other
One Year Rearrest
Three Year Rearrest
One Year Reconviction
Three Year Reconviction
One Year Reincarceration
Three Year Reincarceration
Technical Violation or Failure on Supervision

2. Please specify the setting.
3. Please estimate how many people are currently under correctional control in your agency or treatment program.
4. Please estimate the percent of individuals in your jurisdiction who fall into each of the following age categories:
16-27 years %
28-35 years %
36-42 years %
43+ years %
Total %
Do not know
5. Please estimate the percent of individuals who identify with each racial/ethnic group.
White/Caucasian %
Black/African-American %
Hispanic %
Native American/American Indian/Alaskan Native %
Asian/Hawaiian/Pacific Islander %
Multiracial %
Other %
Total %
Do not know
6. Please estimate the percent of individuals who report being:
Male %
Female %
Transgender %
Total %
Do not know
7. Please estimate the percent of individuals that are in each population:
General Offender/No Special Population %
Violent Offender %
Sex Offender %
Youthful Offender %
Drug Offender (non-trafficker) %
Habitual Offender %
Domestic Violence Offender %
DUI Offender %
Total %
Do not know
Risk Level
8. Please indicate how many risk levels/classifications your jurisdiction uses and estimate the proportion of your population that falls within each level.

Please choose three to five risk levels

Total %
Do not know