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Assess an Individual Portal Detailed Instructions

Before Starting a New Assessment:

  1. To save/edit profiles in the "Assess an Individual" portal of the RNR Simulation Tool you must be a registered user
    1. For more information on how to register to use the CJ-TRAK tools, please click here

Starting a New Assessment

  1. From the home screen of the CJ-TRAK webpage select the "Launch" button located in the "Assess an Individual" icon below the main instructions.
    1. You can also select "Assess an Individual" from the navigation bar located at the top of the CJ-TRAK homepage.
  2. Read the instructions on the page and then select "Start New Assessment"
  3. Clicking this link will direct you to the "Assess an Individual" data entry form
    1. This form prompts you to provide information regarding an individual's demographics, risk, and needs
  4. For registered users with Jurisdiction Data available (see Assess Jurisdiction Capacity Instructions for more information), prior to entering information about the individual, you will be asked to select if you would like to use "National Data" or "My Jurisdiction's Data"
    1. Note: recidivism estimates will be most accurate when using your jurisdiction's data
    2. "National data" uses the simulation data base for recidivism estimates
    3. "My jurisdiction's data" uses your data only
  5. Users are asked to specify how they would like to define recidivism for the individual they are assessing. This is used to designate the type of recidivism displayed in the "Assess and Individual" output.
    1. Rearrest is new crimes
    2. Reconviction is conviction for new crimes
    3. Reincarceration is for readmission to a prison/jail
    4. All include technical violations
  6. Users are asked to specify the setting of the individual they are assessing to provide the most accurate estimate of recidivism.
  7. Demographic data: Questions 1 - 4 asks for demographic information about the individual being assessed.
    1. Note: individual's initials and DOB are used to create a unique identifier for saved assessments.
  8. Type of client: Question 5 asks you to indicate if the individual is classified as one of several common classifications of offenders (e.g., sex offenders, domestic violence offenders, or chronic offenders). If the individual does not belong to any of these groups, please select "General Offender"
  9. The next question (Question #6) asks you to indicate the criminal justice risk level of the individual you are assessing. This should be based off of the risk assessment tool used in your jurisdiction.
  10. Once you have responded to questions 1 - 6, you have the option to "Save and Continue" or "Save and Come Back Later."
  11. After clicking "Save and Continue," the next two items (#'s 7 & 8) prompt you to input data on the distribution of primary criminogenic needs in your population
    1. These needs include clinically defined severe substance use disorders for "hard" drugs and/or criminal thinking
  12. Questions 9 and 10 ask about the mild to moderate substance use disorders and mental health needs of the individual being assessed.
    1. While these needs are not criminogenic (not directly linked to offending behavior), they are clinically relevant and can impact the individual's performance in treatment/supervision.
  13. Questions 11 - 17 ask you to indicate if the offender has any Lifestyle Stabilizers or Destabilizers.
    1. These include emotional support, education, employment, housing, financial, antisocial associates, and family environment.
    2. These factors can act as destabilizing influences and can interfere with an individual's ability to succeed during treatment/supervision.
  14. After completing these questions, you will again have the option to "Save and Continue," "Save and Come Back Later," "Save and Go Back" (this will take you back to the previous page where you can edit your responses to questions 1 - 6), or "Print My Responses."

Accessing Saved Assessments (for registered users only)

  1. Once you are logged into the CJ-TRAK system, select the "Launch" button located in the "Assess an Individual" icon below the main instructions on the home screen of the CJ-TRAK webpage
    1. You can also select "Assess an Individual" from the navigation bar located at the top of the CJ-TRAK homepage.
  2. Choose the assessment you would like to view/edit from the "My Saved Assessments" list on the right side of the page
    1. Note: labels for saved assessments are a combination of the individual's initials and month/day of birth
  3. Once you have chosen an assessment you can edit/update information for each question according to the instructions above.